About The Georgia Society for Respiratory Care

The Georgia Society for Respiratory Care (GSRC) is the professional organization for Respiratory Therapists in the state of Georgia.

Lung disease is one of the biggest killers in the United States and throughout the world. It is also one of the most debilitating health conditions, confining millions to a life burdened with portable oxygen, limiting people from taking trips further than the grocery store, and limiting them from walking more than a few steps before becoming out of breath.

Surprisingly, lung disease is not caused by smoking alone. Every person from every walk of life will at some point in his or her life develop some form of lung condition. This condition may be a simple touch of pneumonia, or a bout with asthma. It may be atelectasis after surgery, or apnea during surgery.

The team of people dedicated to improving the lives of people everywhere are RESPIRATORY THERAPISTS. As a rule of thumb, the less and less you see of the RT, the better and better you must be. RESPIRATORY THERAPISTS are the unsung members of the medical profession working with patients of all ages, from birth to death.

This site is dedicated to the professional development of respiratory therapists in Georgia, and the patients they care for. Feel free to browse the site.

Governing Documents

You can find the most updated governing documents for GSRC and AARC on this page.

Click here to view the GSRC Policy and Procedure Manual updated in June 2018.

Click here to view the GSRC Bylaws.

Click here to view the AARC Bylaws.